HECA’s Principles & Values

HECA Values

HECA member colleges are:

  • Committed to excellence in the provision of high quality education and pastoral care.
  • Committed to a culture of professionalism, integrity, honesty and openness.
  • Committed to embracing diversity of membership.
  • Committed to individual opinions and the exchange of ideas, knowledge and expertise.

HECA Vision

HECA is:

  • Nationally and internationally recognised.
  • Stands for high quality programmes.
  • Is flexible, innovative and market responsives here.

HECA’s Purpose

  • HECA provides a forum to discuss common issues, concerns and opportunities to implement solutions.
  • HECA creates an environment that fosters sharing ideas, forming collaborations and instigating mutually beneficial initiatives.
  • HECA acts as a lobby and support group to serve common academic and commercial interests.
  • HECA provides a unified voice in government and legislative circles and seeks representation on key government committees and boards.