Terms of Reference for HECA Teaching & Learning Committee


The mission of the HECA Teaching & Learning Committee is to promote the enhancement of teaching & learning within HECA colleges such that it has tangible effects in the classroom, effectively enabling people to learn.

It aims to do this by:
– Engaging with the National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching & Learning in a unified way;
– Providing support to educational developers/teaching & learning advocates within the member colleges so that they in turn can reach out and support their educators;
– Disseminating information, particularly in relation to the National Forum;
– Engaging in collaborative research around teaching and learning issues that matter to HECA;
– Sharing expertise and best practice;
– Encouraging the professionalization of teaching.


The Committee will:

    • Use the Irish Survey of Student Engagement (ISSE) to drive the development of evidence-based improvements in effective teaching and learning;
    • Inform the teaching & learning theme of the HECA annual conference, demonstrating innovation within a research informed environment;
    • Encourage the use of cross or inter-college peer-observation as an effective strategy in enhancing teaching & learning in the classroom (share good practice in peer-observation);
    • Develop a joint programme in teaching & learning that is collaborative across member colleges;
    • Contribute to the wider HE community by sharing expertise;
    • Encourage educators to avail of the networking and workshop opportunities provided by various academic networks.

All HECA Colleges may nominate one person who they regard as the teaching & learning advocate. Current members include:

Dr. Paul Condell, St. Nicholas Montessori College Ireland

Graham Glanville, College of Computing Technology

Dr. Fiona O’Riordan, Griffith College

Dr. Teresa Whitaker, Hibernia College

Dr. Marcella Finnerty, IICP Education & Training

Anne Mangan, Institute of Physical Therapy & Applied Science

Naomi Jackson, Dublin Business School

One representative of the HECA Library Committee

One representative of the HECA Digital Capacity Working Group

The role and responsibility of members is to:

    • Attend and participate in meetings
    • Disseminate information to educators within their own college
    • Contribute to achieving the mission of the network